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 Found this on Fiasco's myspace..

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Pure Horror Forums Owner/TKSRadio Owner and Founder

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PostSubject: Found this on Fiasco's myspace..   Sat Jun 21, 2008 8:07 pm

Whats going on LSP crazy fucks its time for a quick blog update of LSP projects from your favorite producer....

1. Qrems album is DONE. I have heard it and the fucker is banging for real. The last tier of songs he did for it including the one with insane poetry are definately gonna satisfy even the highest of standards. Im not positive on release date but I wanna say end of July.

2. LSP will be announcing a new act on our roster in about 2 weeks or so. There is a show July 19th at the Wyatts Torch bar in Aurora, CO so be sure to come out and welcome this new member. (Alot of you already know...shhhhh. lol)

3. Im not positive on any Dark Half release date info but I know I am doing a collab with Darkhalf, Death4Told, Scum & Menacide as we speak so they got some amazing shit on pop in the next few weeks

4. Scum is busy recording tracks for his next album "Bleed4This". I believe this will be a full LP and not an EP as originally planned. So far I have heard about 5 or 6 full songs, and they all bang really hard. The newest one is too a face smashing metal beat and is sure to be the next "Twisted One or Heartless."

5. Alot of people have asked me whats up with a second Fiasco LP...well the answer is that right now im busy pushing my other artists and of course Death4Told so as it sits, there will not be a Fiasco part II LP out any time this year. But since Kill tha Show was the first LSP release of 07 and White Lipz was the first LSP release of 08....hahaha you get the picture.

6. The Red Rhino is busy writing new shit and should have something recorded by the end of summer. His myspace is fucked so theres talk of building him a new page, but it hasnt happened yet.

7. LSP Online Death Squad!! I love you fucks and I am sending out your merch this Monday or Tuesday. Thanks for being patient.

8. Scum just pressed up a gang of new SCUM shirts so email him if you want that...he usually only presses limited amounts of each shirts (I think hes made like 75 diff shirts now in the last 2 years...fuckin crazy) so email him and demand that new Scum gear!

9. Continued thanks to the sites who promote LSP shit...Killwarez, Killmusick, Murdermusick, WIR, Killgod, Pure Horror, etc etc etc.

10. As always I provide banging ass beats at my www.soundclick.com/bigfiasco site
There has been alot of new uploads so tell fuckers to ditch those shitty uninpsired looped ass beats they be using and get on board with the king of midi, fi fuckin asco

Thats about it for now.

LSP has this game on Lock for 2008 and beyond... and if you already haven't.. Buy Fiasco's Killa tha show and Death4told's Albums.. if you haven't then you are missing out on some true lyrical sickness.


tech n9ne
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PostSubject: Re: Found this on Fiasco's myspace..   Mon Jun 23, 2008 4:32 pm

Lot of info in that. I Likes what i hear.
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PostSubject: Re: Found this on Fiasco's myspace..   Tue Jun 24, 2008 8:35 pm

definatly some sick shits bout to drop and i am still sleeping on D4T prolly get that next check havnt heard back from scum on what sizes and shit for merch but thats a busy motherfucker and i am happy enough with the shit he drops
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PostSubject: Re: Found this on Fiasco's myspace..   

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Found this on Fiasco's myspace..
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